From left to right: M1 Mustard Sauce, Detroit Spice Company’s Mexicantown Seasoning, Detroit Spice Company’s Greektown Seasoning, Detroit Spice Company’s Middle Eastern Seasoning, 313 Foodie Sauce, Detroit Smoke Sauce, Detroit Spice Company’s Jerk Seasoning, Detroit Spice Company’s Steak Seasoning, and Detroit Spice Company’s Barbeque Seasoning.


It’s all about the family, right?


It all starts in the family kitchen.  From our Grandma’s potato pancakes, to our Mom’s sloppy joe’s, some of our favorite childhood memories come from that kitchen.

Detroit is a true ethnic melting pot. The auto industry has brought people from many different cultures to Detroit and with them, they brought their food. These sauces and spice blends are inspired by all the different ethnic groups that call Detroit home.

Right, again.

Our family brings you this melting pot of Detroit and Michigan inspired sauces and spices to tickle your senses and inspire your own memories.  We only use the best and freshest ingredients possible … no additives, unnatural preservatives, caking agents or things that have 19 letters that you can’t pronounce. We won’t serve that stuff to our family, so we bring that philosophy to you and your family, too.

Founded in 2011, Street Eatzz hit the “streets” shortly after and launched some sauces that are Gluten Free, Vegan and full of flavor.  From there, we added to our line of quality products with Detroit Spice Co., which has deep roots to Detroit’s own Eastern Market.

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The O’Brien Family


SEAN O’BRIEN, Overseer of all things that need overseeing (really, nothing)

Likes: tennis, anything with two or four wheels, simple lagers, Michigan summers, oysters and the ocean

Dislikes: people who slow ride in the fast lane

AVERY AND SHEA, the true Owners of Street Eatzz

Likes:  friends, books, fashion, and any pool

Dislikes: homework