Each Street Eatzz gift box includes:

(1) M1 MUSTARD SAUCE: Woodward Ave or M1 is the main route to the Caribbean. Wait, what? Well, sort of. M1 Mustard drives its flavor from a Caribbean influence, utilizing mango, cumin, curry, turmeric, and a hint of habanero. The shining star is the addition of Mary Ann’s Soda Co's Ginger Beer Syrup. M1 will be slightly sweet at first and then will shift your taste buds to the toasty tropics. Try this on everything you would put mustard on…and things you wouldn’t. 8.5 fl. oz (241 g) JAR 

(1) 313 FOODIE SAUCE: A Detroit classic, 313 Foodie Sauce hits on the right combination of heat and tang. Using only the freshest ingredients, 313 Foodie Sauce is Vegan, Gluten free and most importantly, Made in Michigan. Habanero peppers and Michigan cherries are the stars of this unique pepper sauce, along with some other top-secret ingredients. Easy to use on anything, this hot sauce will be a staple on your table. Don’t worry, even though our 313 Foodie Sauce has quite a kick, we promise that even your girlfriend will like it! 5.4 fl. oz (160 ml) BOTTLE 

(1) DETROIT SMOKE SAUCE: Street Eatzz Detroit Smoke Foodie Sauce has a versatile flavor with a tomato base, vinegar, and fruit, that makes it a nice addition to your arsenal, and a good sidekick to the 313 Foodie Sauce. A little tip from the boss – mixing both sauces will take your Bloody Mary to the next level. 5.4 fl. oz (160 ml) BOTTLE 

(1) DETROIT GREEKTOWN SEASONING: Detroit’s Greektown is a favorite dinner and entertainment stop. Its lively street scene is scented with the aroma of broiled lamb from family-run restaurants serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine. This spice captures this wonderful flavor. Use on kabobs, lamb, beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables or mix with olive oil and vinegar for a yummy Greek salad dressing.

(1) DETROIT MEXICANTOWN SEASONING: Detroit’s Mexicantown restaurants are a perennial favorite stop to taste Mexico’s uniquely flavorful cuisine. Capture that taste with our seasonings on tacos, fajitas, ground beef, steak, chicken, seafood or vegetables.

(1) DETROIT MIDDLE EASTERN SEASONING: Detroit is home to the largest Arabic population outside of the Middle East. These restaurants serve wonderful tastes from a very diverse and unique part of the world. Achieve this wonderful taste with Detroit Middle Eastern Seasoning. Use on meat or vegetables.

(1) DETROIT STEAK SEASONING: We like our steaks like we like our cars–big!!! Featuring a bit of heat, this tasty steak rub is our best seller and the product that inspired us to launch Detroit Spice Company. Try it on steak, chicken, fish, ribs, vegetables, meatballs or whatever else you're cooking up!

(1) DETROIT JERK SEASONING: Try this Jamaican rub on whatever you’re grilling, cooking up in a pan, or even on the engine of your hot rod. Mix this spice with olive oil and lime juice to make a paste and spread it on chicken, pork, shrimp, or a hearty fish. This Jamaican Jerk will definitely heat it up Detroit-style–ya, mon!

(1) DETROIT BARBECUE RUB: In Detroit, the smell of backyard barbecue is always in the air. When we’re not polishing our cars, we’re polishing off some homecooked barbecue. Try some of your Detroit Barbecue Rub on your favorite meat or veggie mix! It’s zero-sugar, so it won’t burn the goods.


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